Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway  by Susan Jeffers

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers

This book takes an unusual approach to fear and anxiety.  Rather than trying to get to the root of your fear, on the basis that working out what caused it will get rid of it, the book explains that anxiety is a part of life and that we feel fear and anxiety for many different reasons – but that you should learn to live the life you want, even if you are afraid. The book set out concrete techniques and ways of looking at the world to help you to approach life in a more direct manner. Although the book does refer to a “higher power”, the author’s beliefs do not become intrusive. The book contains tips and insights which even those who do not have any spiritual and religious beliefs will find helpful. This book argues that are different types of anxiety but the worst is the belief that we will not be able to handle something, such as our partner leaving us, or earning less than a certain amount, or to travel by air, for example. The book uses a common sense approach to help you reach a point where you know that in fact you CAN handle anything that happens to you. Jeffers’ point is that you can teach yourself to accept fear as a necessary part of life, then move on; that dealing with fear and and anxiety is less frightening that living with the fear and anxiety which comes from feeling helpless