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Stockport Hypnotherapy Charges

Your first session at Stockport Hypnotherapy will last an hour and a half, but we charge just for one hour.

For hypnotherapy, counselling or CBT, our charges are £80 per hour.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis – £130 for a session lasting an hour and a half. If you find it difficult to relax, we recommend that you listen first to a relaxation and self-hypnosis sound file, which you can download free of charge from our website.
Weight loss clients can be seen in small groups for a small additional administration fee of £15 per client. So for two clients attending together we would charge £95 and for three clients £110. This means the cost for each person is greatly reduced.


In your first session we’ll give you the details of the treatment and take a case history, in order to work out the best treatment for you. We’ll tell you how many sessions you’re likely to need, and what you need to do between sessions to make even quicker progress.

Cancellation Fees

For sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, the full cost is payable. We’re unable to give the session to anyone else on less than 48 hours notice and we still have our fixed costs of rent, rates, insurance and utilities. Of course in case of accident, emergency, bereavement or illness we would waive this cancellation fee.

How to Get the Most from Stockport Hypnotherapy

Anyone can enjoy the experience of hypnosis. But research which shows that if you practice relaxation skills, and responding to suggestions, you’ll get even more benefit from hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is a method of responding to the hypnotherapist’s suggestions about the changes you want to make. Part of the first session will therefore be spent coaching you in easy relaxation techniques, in responding to suggestions and using your imagination, and answering any questions you have about hypnotherapy in general. To get the most from your treatment you can then, if you’d like, practice relaxation and self hypnosis techniques. After the first session, you will be given free access to hypnotherapy downloads to help you to do this. Hypnosis is a team effort between therapist and client, and most clients find they really benefit from the practising relaxation (sometimes called self hypnosis).

Stockport Hypnotherapy – Experts in anxiety, depression and stress

The therapists at Stockport Hypnotherapy have over thirty years of experience in phobia treatment, help with insomnia and anxiety, and teaching self hypnosis. If you want to find a hypnotherapist in Stockport to help with anxiety, stress at work, stress and anxiety, emotional problems such as jealousy or insecurity, or low self esteem, then go to any of the independent websites which list and give reviews of hypnotherapists (for example www.freeindex.co.uk – Google also displays reviews) and you will see the excellent results which Pam and her team have achieved. If you would like further information about hypnosis in Stockport, for insomnia, self esteem and confidenceanxiety and depression, for help with weight loss, to break bad habitstinnitus or for any other problem, please call 07779 575 816 for a free, no obligation, confidential discussion.

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