Fear of Flying Courses in Manchester and Stockport

Hypnosis for Fear of Flying in Stockport

Fear of flying is the second most common phobia. The only thing which you’re more likely to fear is spiders! Hypnosis is the most effective way to overcome your flying phobia. We’ll teach you to reprogramme your mind to remain calm.

The top rated therapists at Stockport Hypnotherapy are expert in phobias. So they’ll help you control your anxiety. Our fear of flying course will question your beliefs about flying, and train your brain to think about these differently.

Understand your Phobia better

We’ll help you understand the different reasons you feel scared, and work out exactly what it is about flying you fear. Your phobia is most likely to be a combination of various fears. They’re in no particular order:-

fear of the plane crashing (though many people who are scared of flying have no such fear!)
worrying that you may have a panic attack on the plane
phobia of heights
worrying about not being able to get to the loo
fear of not being in control
fear of not being able to get out
dislike of enclosed spaces
fear of being over water
fear and dislike of being told what to do
fear of crowds
phobia of feeling sick or vomiting (emetophobia)
embarrassment about how your anxiety makes you behave on a flight
not understanding what forms part of a normal flight – for example, why seat belt signs REALLY go on
feeling helpless
fear of being close to strangers
fear or phobia of germs on the plane
being afraid of dying

Being scared of flying is NOT rational!

Being scared of flying really isn’t a rational response. It doesn’t happen because you’ve weighed up what’s safe about flying and what the dangers are. If you had, then you wouldn’t be scared of flying. If you really believed it was dangerous and you were risking your life then you wouldn’t do it. You wouldn’t eat something labelled “poison”, would you?! And you wouldn’t get on a plane with one wing! In other words, it’s just a feeling or instinct that something is dangerous. But unfortunately we take way too much notice of our our feelings, as opposed to facts.

Most people know that flying is statistically much, much safer than any other transport. Every day you ignore hundreds of things which are literally thousands of times more dangerous than flying. Unfortunately this knowledge does not stop the very real feelings ofstress and anxiety which arise when you think about flying. Anxiety ruins the run up to the holiday is coming up. If your phobia is really bad you might start feeling anxious as soon as you’ve booked the flight. Or maybe you’re not even comfortable seeing a plane in he sky, or on TV.

In reality, flying is much safer than many things you do every day, without anxiety

One of the reasons for this is that you do not fly frequently enough for it to become a “normal” activity. You might hear about a car accident, someone hurting themselves tripping on the pavement. Incidents of people burning or cutting themselves when cooking are very common. But after you hear about such things, chances are that soon after you’ll be in a car again, or walking, or cooking. So you repeat these activities again, very soon, without anything bad happening. So your most recent memories of being in a car, walking, or cooking are therefore of normal, everyday, uneventful experiences. But flying is also an every day activity. Just not for you!!

Over ten million people fly every single day

When you so hear of something going wrong on a plane, it’s unlikely you’ll fly again for months, or even longer. Although it’s an everyday activity, it’s probably not something that YOU do very often. You don’t get the chance to build up ordinary memories of flying as something you do frequently, without anything bad happening. So instead your most recent memory associated with flying will be of an incredibly rare accident. Something so very rare that it gets mentioned on the front page of the news! It is not that travelling by car – for example – is safer. Car accidents are so much more common that if THEY were mentioned on the news the bulletins would fill the schedule. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Though at least it would make a change from Brexit!)

Car travel, walking, or cooking are everyday, ordinary experiences, which means you filter out the stories you hear about the dangers of driving, or walking, or cooking. This is because you have lots of experience of those things being safe and uneventful. It’s harder for you to filter out bad news when it relates to something which you see as unusual and which you don’t have lots of experience of.

A qualified hypnotherapist can help you understand your fear and accept that flying really isn’t – despite your gut reaction to it – dangerous. Hypnosis helps you understand why you react to it with fear and anxiety and to understand why this reaction is wrong! Hypnosis helps you replace your current understanding with a more rational, positive and realistic interpretation. It therefore allows you to enjoy the build up to your holiday, feeling excitement, not fear.

You don’t need to avoid flying

Some people with flying phobia decide flying is too risky and that they’ll just avoid air travel. This can have a bad impact on relationships with family and friends. Or maybe, despite really bad flying phobia, flying is not something you can avoid as you have to travel long distances for work. This can lead to stress at work. Some people turn down promotions, or refuse job offers, if they’d involve flying.

Anxiety is meant to work by warning you of threats and danger; but when it’s anxiety about flying, it simply makes no sense. Flying isn’t dangerous. This is FACT. So rather than helping you to avoid something which is dangerous – your fear simply stops you from doing pleasant, enjoyable things. You can’t go on holiday without the huge inconvenience of travelling over land. You don’t look forward to holidays. And when you got there your enjoyment is spoilt by worrying about the journey home. You can’t visit friends or family who live abroad.

If you really can’t avoid it, your anxiety and fear of flying make it unpleasant and stressful. You have learnt the habit of feeling anxious when you think about flying; the whole subject of flying causes you stress. Hypnotherapy helps you to unlearn this habit and to associate the thought of flying with thoughts of enjoyment and relaxation rather instead. . If you have flyingphobia it’s really just a bad habit! You weren’t born with this fear. You learned it. And so you can unlearn it! We’ll teach you how to unlearn this fear.

How do hypnosis and hypnotherapy help fear of flying?

Our fear of flying course uses hypnotherapy to teach you to switch off the habitual anxiety you feel. You will be taught self hypnosis and relaxation to allow you to remain fully in control of your fear. It’s impossible to be relaxed and anxious at the same time. just as you can’t be hungry and full, or awake and asleep, or happy and sad! Hypnotherapy has a number of techniques which enable you to quickly and successfully “switch off” your feelings of anxiety and stress. This deals with the irrational part of your fear. For many people this is sufficient to enable them to fly without fear and anxiety.

Counselling and CBT for Fear of Flying

If you still question how comfortable and relaxed you will be able to feel on your flight, we’ll talk with you about the particular aspects of flying that you fear, using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques. Specific suggestions about any aspects of your phobia which remain can then be made to you whilst you are in hypnosis. This will further help you to overcome your fear.

Fear of Flying Courses in Stockport

Pam Newbury and her team of hypnotherapists are highly regarded, experienced hypnotherapists based in Didsbury, south Manchester, just 4 miles from Stockport. They are expert in phobia treatment, fear of flying, anxiety, panic, and insomnia. They use a combination of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques and will teach you self hypnosis.

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